Will Cain: Biden administration treats Americans like the enemy

“” host argued on “” Tuesday that the Biden administration treats Americans like the enemy.

WILL CAIN: The senator says banks are not the subjects of the federal government. It’s beginning to sound like the American people are the suspects of the federal government. We are not simply subjects. We are now suspects. And you’d be forgiven out there if you sit around and you look at the fact that the definition of domestic terrorism is expanding as we talked about at the top of this hour. 

The use of the Patriot Act to go after parents who have problems with school board meetings. Now looking into your bank activity. Certainly monitoring your online activity or social media accounts. You begin to wonder as we make deals with the Taliban and we leave Afghanistan, if the federal government is not telling us that the enemy of America is in fact the American people. 

How would we not come to that conclusion with the way this administration and, quite honestly, at a broader level, this ideology prioritizes where it gives all of its criminal suspect activity, where it focuses its attention on Americans.



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