Hollywood stars honor those who serve on Veterans Day

have observed the holiday, , on Nov. 11 since 1919, a year after fighting ended in World War I.

Originally known as Armistice Day, the holiday was later expanded after World War II to celebrate all U.S. veterans. On this special day, Hollywood paid tribute on social media to the many veterans who have served our country and protected our rights.

"Thank you for serving our country with courage and dedication. God bless all of you and your families," actor Mark Wahlberg wrote on alongside an American flag. 

"Today and every day #thankyouforyourservice #veteransday," said Oscar-winner while posing with a group of soldiers. 

, "Honoring today the sacrifice of service for love of country 🇺🇸. For those who served and came home, thank you for your bravery and selflessness. For those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and to their families, we will never forget you."

"Today we honor our brave who serve our Armed Forces-Past and present," wrote Leah Remini. "Thank you for your service, thank you for your courage, thank you for your sacrifice."

"Thankful for those who have served! Grateful for y’all not only today but every day. #VeteransDay," wrote singer Blake Shelton on Twitter. 

said, "Thank you for your service. Thank you for ensuring our way of life. Our freedom. I’m proud to be a patriot. And I’m honored to forever pledge allegiance to our country and flag. Thank you US Veterans. Then. Now. Forever. With boundless gratitude. DJ."

"On this Veterans Day our family sends out a huge thank you to the military men and women and their families who sacrifice and work tirelessly to defend our liberty! Thank you for your service!" said actress . 

"Wonder Woman" star Lynda Carter paid tribute to her father, who was a WWII veteran. "I want to wish a Happy Veterans Day to everyone who has served. I am proud to be the daughter of a 97-year-old WWII veteran, Colby Carter! Wishing you all a restful and wonderful day," she wrote. 

"Today (and everyday) I’m honoring the heroic men & women who served and continue to serve our country. Thank you #veterans for your sacrifice and for protecting our freedom. #VeteransDay," said . 

Singer Nick Lachey honored veterans by writing, "Eternally grateful for your courage, sacrifices, and service for our country. Thank you."

Celebrations marking Veterans Day gave way to somber virtual gatherings on Wednesday.

Cemeteries decorated with American flags were silent as well, as many of the traditional ceremonies were canceled since  infections are raging again nationwide.

In New York City, a quiet parade of military vehicles, with no spectators, rolled through Manhattan to maintain the 101-year tradition of veterans marching on Fifth Avenue. took part in an observance at Arlington National Cemetery, while placed a wreath at the Korean War Memorial in Philadelphia.

Fox News’ James Leggate and The Associated Press contributed to this report


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